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Lockhart Knives takes pride in creating each knife from scratch our shop located in Los Angeles, CA. 

Make sure to list the knife or style you're interested in when you submit your message. 

1611 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90015
United States


Lockhart Knives.

Lockhart knives takes pride in creating each knife from scratch at his shop in Los Angeles, CA.  

While the Lockhart knives are based on a style of knife from the frontier, they each posses function and strength exceeding expectations, through the use of modern methods.



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Shipping & Returns

Some knives may not be eligible for shipping outside the Continental US. Please enquire with us through email regarding the particular knife you are looking at purchasing, so that we can arrange for proper shipping and customs clearance. 

Returns are reviewed on a case by case basis. Lockhart Knives strives to provide the highest quality and will stand by if an issue arises from the manufacturing of a particular knife.