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Lockhart Knives takes pride in creating each knife from scratch our shop located in Los Angeles, CA. 

Make sure to list the knife or style you're interested in when you submit your message. 

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Lockhart Knives.

Lockhart knives takes pride in creating each knife from scratch at his shop in Los Angeles, CA.  

While the Lockhart knives are based on a style of knife from the frontier, they each posses function and strength exceeding expectations, through the use of modern methods.



Frontier Bowie

Frontier Bowie

Large frontier fighting/utility knife. 1075 forged to shape blade with mild convex full grind. Differential heat treatment shows a fiery hamon. Carved North American elk crown handle. Damascus steel guard and pommel nutmade of random 1095/15n20/1018 steel by maker.

Depending on grip this huge knife handles surprisingly well at smaller cutting tasks, slicing, etc., while also having the ability to “reach out” a bit for larger tasks. Handles chopping but excels at heavy cutting. 

Includes cowhide and stingray sheath, with “waist belt” and spine side retention strap

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This one-of-a-kind knife is currently available for purchase: $1500USD. You can email to arrange a viewing, or purchase directly.